The Pomegranate has long been sought after and this candle is no exception. From the moment you unbox, the scent will provide an olfactory sensation that will recall warmth and excitement.

Sizes available

Large — 350g jar
Small — 150g tin

Candle Care & Use +
  1. Avoid draughts to ensure a stable and even burn, and reduce any candle smoking.
  2. Trim wicks before lighting to between 6-7mm. 
  3. Burn candles for a minimum of 1.5 hours, and a maximum of 4 hours, to ensure an even burn. 
  4. Extinguishing the candle flame using a snuffer.
  5. Store your candles in a cool, dry position that is free from direct sunlight and dust.
  6. Never move a burning candle, and make sure that the container is positioned in a safe place before lighting.
  7. Place the candle on a heat resistant surface or utilise the lid / coaster to prevent any damage to your furniture.
  8. Once your candle has burnt to within ~10mm from the bottom of the container, please discontinue use.

For full care details, click here.