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It’s time to indulge yourself with heavenly lashings of liquid honey and caramel, contrasted by a touch of bitter salt.
Our naughty but nice signature salted caramel will fragrance your home with a smooth and velvety scent. Let this fragrance fill your space with warmth and delight.

Variations available

Large Candle (Boxed) — 400g
Medium Candle (Boxed) — 300g
Tin Travel Candle
Melts (Pack Of Two)
Oil Burner & Pack Of Melts
Reed Diffuser
Reed Diffuser Gift Pack With Travel Candle & Sample Candle

  1. Avoid draughts to ensure a stable and even burn, and reduce any candle smoking.
  2. Trim wicks before lighting to between 6-7mm.
  3. Burn candles for a minimum of 1.5 hours, and a maximum of 4 hours, to ensure an even burn.
  4. Extinguishing the candle flame using a snuffer.
  5. Store your candles in a cool, dry position that is free from direct sunlight and dust.
  6. Never move a burning candle, and make sure that the container is positioned in a safe place before lighting.
  7. Place the candle on a heat resistant surface or utilise the lid / coaster to prevent any damage to your furniture.
  8. Once your candle has burnt to within ~10mm from the bottom of the container, please discontinue use.

For full care details, click here.