From within our South Australian studio an elegant, sophisticated and alluring treasure is created.

The studio is heated to ensure a constant temperature, allowing for smooth transition from melted wax to the solid form of the candle.

The work begins with the containers undergoing a rigorous cleaning cycle, before they are dried to ensure they are clean of any potential dust.

Wicks are carefully added to the containers, before they undergo a meticulous inspection to ensure that they are ready to take the fragranced wax.


The wax is heated and combined with our fragrances that have been constructed months earlier by master perfumers. 

The importance of ensuring the correct candle positioning is now relevant, with each unit to cool down and settle for the next 48 hrs. Upon settling each unit is inspected and flame finished, if required, to ensure a perfectly smoothed top.

Each unit is cleaned and polished before it is inspected for the final time.

After passing the final inspection, each unit is taken to the packing room and carefully boxed before sending to our stylish and sophisticated customers