1. Avoid draughts – Please ensure that you place your candle in a position that eliminates or reduces any potential draughts from coming into contact with the flame. This will ensure a stable and even burn, and reduce any candle smoking. In the event that soot does build up on the container, it must be cleaned with a clean, damp cloth.
  2. Trim wicks – before lighting any candle, please ensure that all wicks are trimmed to between 6-7mm. All trimmings and debris must be removed from the glass container, allowing for an even burn. All wicks used by The Candle Establishment are lead free cotton wicks and may occasionally experience a mushrooming effect, it is essential that these are removed to eliminate any potential fire risk. Keeping the wicks trimmed will prevent the possibility of soot forming on the container.

    All double wick candles must have both wicks lit every time the candle is used to ensure correct and even burn.

  3. Burn times – Candle Establishment candles must be burnt for a minimum of 1.5 hours to ensure an even burn that sets the memory of the candle. This will reduce any risk of the candle experiencing a tunnelling effect, whereby the candle will burn straight down and leave wax on the side of the container.
    Additionally, Candle Establishment candles should not be burnt for greater than 4 hours. After this time the candle must be left to cool, before the wicks are trimmed to the correct length.
  4. Extinguish the flames – the correct way to extinguish the candle is to utilise a snuffer. This method will reduce risk and ensure that the candle goes out without damaging or moving the wicks, reduces the risk of wax splatter and does not allow the wick to continue glowing and emitting smoke into your room.
  5. Candle storage – to ensure the maximum longevity of your candle, ensure that it is placed in cool, dry position that is free from direct sunlight and dust. We have provided a lid/coaster to assist with this issue.
  6. Moving a candle – Never move a burning candle, make sure that the container is positioned in a safe and correct place before lighting. During the burning of a candle the heat transfer to the jar will result in the container becoming hot.
  7. Positioning of the candle – please ensure that you place the candle on a heat resistant surface or utilise the lid / coaster to prevent any damage to your furniture. Remember, excessive heat will be present above the flame/s, to eliminate any risk of fire please ensure that it is clear of combustible materials.
  8. Disposal of candle – once your candle has burnt to within approximately 10mm from the bottom of the container, please dispose / stop using the candle. The wax can be removed and the jar reused (if you wish), please do not tip any wax down your sink as it may potentially clog the pipework.