Elegant, sophisticated & alluring, all packaged into a simple luxury.

The Candle Establishment has chosen to separate from the pack; the use of black transcends the usual white purity into something mysterious, luxurious & exclusive.
We proudly & lovingly hand craft our candles, melts, & diffusers here in SA using a majority of locally made &/or sourced raw ingredients & packaging where possible.

Our very high quality soy based wax is sourced from the US, whilst our fragrances are locally made. Above all, our aim is to produce quality products aimed at the discerning individual who values quality,  consistency, & value for money, while having an eye for buying locally produced items.

We also always strive to be conscious of our environment by using & recycling as much of our products & packaging as possible.... We hope all our customers will consider the environment & re-use & recycle your purchases where possible.

Savour The Experience

We sincerely hope you enjoy our products..... Let them drift your mind & senses to far away exotic, sublime & serene places; to help you unwind, relax & transcend you away from our sometimes busy & overloaded lives, to take you to a much better place....
Savour the experience.