Life is about the simple luxuries, enjoying the moment with family and friends and creating empowering memories. Each individual is on their own journey that can, and will, bring both excitement and change.

The Candle Establishment was created with the desire to provide such a journey, to inspire, comfort and unite. Each scent has been chosen specifically as it represents something special to us, using olfactory senses it takes us on a journey where it has previously captured a mood, memory or moment in time. 

Let our candles take you on a journey… let them inspire you.


Our philosophy is to create positive aura, where the world can pass by and we are able to choose and follow our dreams. We do not follow trends, but to define our own style and create something special, unique and beautiful. 

We believe that the home is a reflection of ourselves and allows us to truly relax and find comfort. A living space filled with our own personal tastes, creates a relaxing atmosphere for ourselves and an exciting and intriguing place for others.

The Candle Establishment has chosen to separate from the pack, the use of black, transcends the usual white purity, into something mysterious, luxurious and exclusive.


Elegant, sophisticated and alluring all packaged into a simple luxury.

It is a privilege to hand-craft a product that could be chosen by so many and provide individual pleasures, to bring happiness. From the moment that a piece is drafted, to the final touches before sending to our customers, each process in meticulously monitored and reviewed to ensure perfection.